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A website dedicated to the art of engagement photos

One day, a boy met a girl...
The following short film represents what an engagement shoot can be today, a composite of video clips, image stills, creativity and a whole lot of fun!

"Wow! Got goosebumps watching that. Gorgeous subjects and a work of art!"

The artistry of wedding photography has exploded.  While it may have its roots in formal portraits and more recently with photojournalism, the current direction is an artistic movement, one of self-expression, experimentation and a thorough enjoyment of the art of itself. 

Engagement photography, on the other hand, has not seen this type of growth.   It has for the most part remained its nice but uninteresting self.  This website looks to break the mold for engagement shoots and bring the artistic movement to its side. 

At its heart, www.EngagementShoot.com will provide discerning brides and grooms with a conduit to information and ideas about their own engagement shoot.  Please read through the articles, enjoy the images and films, and share this with any family or friends who are about to embark on their own engagement shoot!

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